Docker install - rest scripts have incorrect CORS headers - Cannot Login

I have installed metasfresh using Docker. I am using nginx-proxy to do the tls certificate handling on the front end. When javascript resources are fetched from the api they are returned with the incorrect CORS headers.

EG. “/rest/api/login/availableLanguages” is returned with “access-control-allow-origin
http://localhost:3000” consequently the browser will not process the javascript and I cannot login. Is there a way to fix this? I tried rummaging around in web-ui and web-api containers but no luck.


Hi @mxc

this is actually a database-setting.

You can set it using:

docker exec -u postgres metasfresh_docker_db_1 psql -d metasfresh -c "UPDATE AD_SysConfig SET Value='' WHERE Name='webui.frontend.url';" 

( please replace the docker-compose project-name and the URL accordingly )