When Metasfresh database version of 5_175 will be released?

Hi Metasfresh dev team,
For evaluation of the software, checkout the latest code from branch release of 5_175.

Any planning to release version of metasfresh database 5_175? As currently still unable to find the link for this version.

Available version is only
https://metasfresh.com/wp-content/releases/db_seeds/metasfresh-5_174.pgdump metasfresh.pgdump

Appreciate if can upload version 5_175.


Hi @yuvensius,
Thanks for contacting us. metasfresh version 5.175 was released on Nov. 10, 2023.

We provided an update guide including a guide to upgrade the PostgreSQL database (requirement as of release 5.175) on our website.

We recommend following the steps as described to ensure your entire system is up to date with the newest features and functionalities.

Much success and thank you for using metasfresh ERP.
Cheers, Kay

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Hi @metas-kay,

Thanks for reply and reference that you shared. Understand in order to upgrade the latest data structure of metasfresh database need to run the system in docker. Will try to follow this guidelines in order to sync the latest source code of 5.175 with the ERD of database version that being used.

Best Regards,