When a purchase order is generated, a problem occurs when the product is selected


When I choose the product, there is no response to the system.

and there is no mistake.I don’t understand why it’s going to happen.


what version of metasfresh are you using?

Purchasing Products is stable on release branch…


I just downloaded from GitHub two days before.

Hi @MayOne521,
what exactly did you download from github?

What does the frontend send to the API and what does the API reply?
You can find this out with your browser’s developer tools.


I downloaded these items.

The browser did not give any error reminding, and the browser development tool didn’t find any errors, and I was confused.

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I also confused about product and locator ,
In the m_product table, we see that each product has a m_locator_id, which makes me a little confused, because I think a product can have multiple m_locator_id, and in wubUI, we can really add multiple locations to a product.

and can you tell me how to find the corresponding warehouse based on the product id?

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