What is the setup time for clients

Hi! I was taking a look at metafresh and was wondering how long it takes for the average client to get setup (from download to running on production servers and used). How much will that get cut down by with the cloud version? What will the pricing on the cloud version be?


metasfresh can serve from 3 users up to 100 users companies and therefore it’s hard to put up a case for the “average” client.
We got clients that are from download to live in 14 days and others need 14 months depending on other tasks like data migration, customizing, adaptation, etc. that needs to be done.

The cloud version will cut that time on two levels:

  1. infrastructure: server purchase and network integration are not needed any more.
  2. adaptation: cloud version is so much easier to use so that users will need less time to find their way around in the app

We plan to include the hosting of the cloud version in the support prices we already offer.
So basically if you got a support contract you get the hosting for free.

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