What is Invoice Candidate? Why not just use Invoice

I am new to Metasfresh.
Try to understand the concept of Invoice Candidate.

Ishak Ibrahim

Hi Ishak.

Welcome to metasfresh.

Invoice candidates are records that are mostly created from sales order lines or purchase order lines They are used to create invoices.

The user has the possibility to manipulate data of the invoice candidates even after the order is completed and the shipment is created. This can happen for example to adjust price, discount, invoice qty and more in the last moment before invoice generation.

Further on you can create aggregated invoices overall orders from the same partner for a given timeframe.

Last but not least, invoice candidates can be created from shipments/ receipts that don’t have an order. This way we still make sure that those business cases remain invoiceable.

And much more.

We have implemented this candidate philosophy in many places in metasfresh. It gives the user high flexibility in the usage of our ERP.

A good starting point for further information is our documentation which can be found here: https://docs.metasfresh.org/webui_collection/EN/Workflow_SalesOrder_to_Invoice.html

Greetings, Mark