What is default password

i’m new in metasfresh 5.144.
i install it on ubuntu 16.4 as a steps listed in below link:

when i do the command of start server
service metasfresh_server start
the pop up window ask me a password to sart metasfresh_server.service
i write metasfresh and in another time, i write demostart , but the both not work
what is the password?
and how i can access on it by web browser?
best regards

Hey @Aman_Slamaa

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This looks more like the server application (service) itself to me, where you can start and stop services.

The metasfresh documentation you’re referring to is used for the login on webui - not to stop/start services. So when you access your server from your client with a browser (Chrome recommended) and want to login in WebUI, you can use login metasfresh and password metasfresh.

In order to start/stop services on system level, you usually need sudo permissions - using your locally deployed password for your sudo user, you set up ( https://wiki.debian.org/sudo )

Also, when sudo asks for a password, you should NOT get a new window on a headless server installation as recommended in our installation guide (Ubuntu Server). You shall be asked for your password in the terminal prompt.

When using the installer, we HIGHLY recommend using a server environment instead of a Desktop Distribution.
You could for example set up a Virtualbox Server installation if you just want to test.

Also on a side note, currently we’re recommending installing metasfresh server on Docker.
This is way easier to install, better configurable, available on different operating systems and distributions and easier to remove.


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