Welcome to the metasfresh ERP Forum

Welcome to the metasfresh community forum. metasfresh is an open source ERP system, developed for small and mediumsize enterprises.

This forum is for community members interested in using, developing, documenting, customizing, designing or contributing to the metasfresh project. We’ll have discussions on how to get started, about development, user experience, future design ideas and functional and technical issues.

Are you thinking about to participate in an Open Source Project? Come in and join us. You are welcome!

Hallo Mark, vielen Dank.
Ich Teste metasfresh sehr ausfürlich. Bis jetzt sehr guten Eindruck :slight_smile:
bis bald

Hi, Du solltest den Header korrekt schreiben: Welcome

Hallo Eugen,
danke für den freundlichen Hinweis.