Warehouse location how to change

hello,I have some questions as following, I hope to get the answer from you
1.how to change the location of the warehouse

there is just one location–Am Nossbacher Weg 2, in the matesfresh system .
how to add more location in the webUI or swingUI? because we hava more warehouses in other places.

first, you can change that one location from your picture, using the SetUp Wizard, to change the data (location and general data) according to your own company: http://docs.metasfresh.org/webui_collection/EN/InitialSetupWizard.html

second, you canchange or add locations to the bpartner like this: http://docs.metasfresh.org/webui_collection/EN/Add_address_tab.html

Afterwards you shall be able to change the location in the warehouse(s) and add more warehouses with different locations.


thank you!
but ,According to what you say, there will be only the following:

location all changed and I also cann’t chose other locations.

you can add more locations, in the bpartner window, subtab location:

all those locations shall then be available when you set the location in warehouse:

thank you very much!

my pleasure :slight_smile:

I also want to know that in the metasfresh system, is there a connection between the business partner and the warehouse?