Use process for copy window



i would like to use the process to copy an existing window. I can execute the process just fine but cant find the new window afterwards…
could somebody tell me how the copied windows are named? “name (copy1)” for example?
Many thanks


hi Simon,

the process copies all elements from another window into the window you have currently selected.
A better name for it would be " Copy from other window into this window".

So the steps are:

  1. create a new empty window
  2. run the process “copy window” and select the window you want to copy everything from
  3. create a new menu node for your new window
  4. set permissions so you can see it using either “role access update” or adding the window manually to your role

enjoy your new window!



thank you very much, that way it worked perfectly.


FYI, just added some updates for that process, after i was scratching my head myself and found this post very useful :slight_smile: