The issue of CORS cross domain access

Hello experts and friends, the cross domain access code for CORS has already been configured in webpackconfig.js. Why is it still showing that cross domain access is not possible? Can the meatsfresh project not run locally? I have set the following code in the Cors plugin environment:
const axios =require(‘axios’);
axios.defaults.baseURL = ‘’; //Set the base URL for the request
axios.defaults.headers.common[‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’] = ‘’; // Set source addresses that allow cross domain access
axios.defaults.headers.common[‘Access-Control-Allow-Methods’] = ‘PUT,POST,GET,DELETE,OPTIONS’; // Set allowed request methods
axios.defaults.headers.common[‘Access-Control-Allow-Headers’] = ‘Content-Type, client, devicesid, registersign’;
At the same time, I also set up:
const express = require(‘express’);
const cors = require(‘cors’);
const app = express();
const corsOptions = {
origin: true, // Allowing access to source addresses
methods: ‘PUT,POST,GET,DELETE,OPTIONS’, // HTTP methods allowed
allowedHeaders: [‘Content-Type, client, devicesid, registersign’], // Allow request headers
// Using Cors middleware

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