The difference between m_storage and md_stock

in the database I find two table, one is m_storage , the other one is md_stock; I want to know the difference.

The purchased products can be seen in md_stock, but m_storage is not

Hi @MayOne521,
M_Storage is a legacy table.
We don’t use it anymore, but we didn’t yet get around to remove it from the DB and code base.

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So which table are you now used to store the products in the warehouse?

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We currently use MD_Stock

1.What are the products that we see in the table md_stock,

but can’t find the corresponding products in the warehouse in the swingUI? The product in the swingUI is the product in the table m_storage .

  1. why this table just have m_warehouse_id, but not have m_locator_id? How do I know where the product is in the warehouse?

3.Can you tell me why there is no warehouse ID in this table of md_cockpit? I think this is necessary.and you can tell me the true meaning of Material cockpit.

4.I think it is necessary to display all the products in the warehouse and the inventory is necessary so that the user can see the product inventory most intuitively.

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