Something trying to connect to port 9090 but it's not listening

Every minute I’m getting logfile entries about something from the software
trying to connect to localhost port 9090 but that port is not listening
on the server.

May 24 17:29:29 metasdemo metasfresh-webui-api.jar[528]: 2017-05-24 17:29:29.235 WARN 641 [ ][ ] β€” [gistrationTask1] d.c.b.a.c.r.ApplicationRegistrator : Failed to register application as Application [name=metasfresh-webui-api, managementUrl=http://metasfresh.some.domain:8181, healthUrl=http://metasfresh.some.domain:8181/health, serviceUrl=http://metasfresh.some.domain:8181] at spring-boot-admin ([http://localhost:9090/api/applications]): I/O error on POST request for β€œhttp://localhost:9090/api/applications”: Connection refused (Connection refused); nested exception is Connection refused (Connection refused)

9090 is the port where our so-called metasfresh-admin would run if it was started. The different metasfresh services try to connect to it once a minute. If it’s not running, nothing bad happens besides that log message.
If your update to 5.10 went well after the workaround, you should be able to start metasfresh-admin via

systemctl start metasfresh-admin.service

the different metasfresh services should then report in and you can check out some of their internals by pointing your browser to port 9090.

PS: I’m not at my desk so the systemctl .. might have typos again.


That worked. To get it to start with reboots had to run

systemctl enable metasfresh-admin.service

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