Search for business partner attributes

We have different attributes for business partners. Now we would like to be able to search for these attributes with the filter buttons in the businesspartner window. If possible, we would like to show the attributes in the grid view aswell.

The attributes are for different purposes, so it is possible, that one businesspartner has different attributes.

Many thanks

hi Simon,

you can enable filtering the attributes when you tick “allow filtering” on the UI Element linked to the attributes tab.
That is the one element with type “label”.

Sorry, but you cant show them in grid view but only in single view.


Hi Norbert
Thank you for the hint. I checked the “allow filtering” checkbox of the corresponding UI Element which also adds the field to the filters. However, if i try to search for one of the keywords I get an error message:

Error: For input string: "dropdown"...
Server error
For input string: "dropdown"

Any Idea where this could be coming from?
many thanks


on what version are you running?
The filtering feature is rather new…
So anyway I would update to latest version which is 5.59.


Many thanks, the update to the latest version did solve the Problem.

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