Run Infrastructure: Compose Deployment, always get an error changes out of order: "sources/" ""

When I click on Infrastructure: Composite Deployment to run, I always get an error here. What is the reason?

The previous issues have all been attributed to this one issue, which is that there was an issue with the download package. May I ask why it cannot be downloaded? Under this package, the dependency package is highlighted in red. Right click on the dependency package in the Maven toolbar on the right, and downloading it will be of no use

As shown in the figure below, the reason for the error is due to Repository - Sonatype Nexus Repository. I am unable to download the two jar packages, metasfresh webui forward and metasfresh mobile frontend. I have accessed them Repository - Sonatype Nexus Repository. It shows that there is no de/eats/path, but when it reaches the de/eats/path, there is only the report folder and no subsequent/ui/web folder path. May I ask why? Is it because the official is maintaining it? Can’t download?

Dear experts, I am a new colleague. Could you please ask me the next question? This issue has been debugged for a week now. According to online discussions, in the metafresh project, the metafresh distribution package is the main package used to build and distribute the metafresh ERP system. There is no metafresh-webui-frontend module and metafresh-mobile-webui-frontend module in the necessary components and dependencies, only the frontend module of procurement webui forward is in the services package of MISC and the frontend module of MISC’s mobile webui forward, And according to the method of dependency references in the project( Include webui in the normal rollout process · Issue #968 · metasfresh/metasfresh · GitHub )I have also tried including webui in the normal roll out process, but it doesn’t work at all. Still reporting an error and unable to load dependency packages.