Right to left Interface Support?

Hello every One,
i am new here, and i have just started exploring the metasfresh and the technology behind it for learning purpose.
i have some questions :
Is MetasFresh support Right to left interface?
any guide for translation process, tables , internal structure (back end - fron end)?


Hi Ahmad,

currently you can not switch the layout from right to left.
I guess its doable as the presentation is completely separated from the model.

For translating metasfresh you need to:

  1. mark your language as system language
  2. run add translation element process
    ( 3. go to ad_elements_trl and translate the elements into your language )
  3. run synchronize terminology to inherit the elements into the fields

@metas-ts is 4. still needed after the last element refactoring?


No, it’s done on the fly with step 3.