Opening and closing periods


Testing the part of periods when they are closed or closed permanently still allows actions in that period such as creating a bank statement document, is there a problem in this section or am I skipping something to close a period correctly?

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thanks for your info. I quickly checked on the current metasfresh release version and worked properly for me. Here the steps I made to check:

  1. Switch off the automatic period control in window Accounting Schema (untick the box).

  2. Set the Period Action to “Close Period” for Bank Statement (or Open/ Close all action) for the given Period (in window Calendar Periods)

  3. Tried in window Bankstatement. Set the Date to a date in the previously closed period and tried to Complete (Docaction). An Error occurs for the closed period.

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Thanks for the information, configuring the scheme as an image and the control of the period also worked, the problem was that by default it had values ​​of 999.

thanks for your time and help.

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