Not able to login.Getting message , language & connection error for docker_V3 file

Hi there,
I have installed Docker-Metasfresh on Ubuntu 23.04.I am getting issues as you can check in uploaded image.Please help me out.

I also worked at installing Metasfresh in Docker on v22.04.4 but could not get past the login screen so finally gave up. Seems this has been a problem that several others have experienced.

All these errors are caused by version issues, one is the plugin version in package. json, and the other is the jar version in Maven. The code cannot go wrong. The version issue requires you to import all specified versions of plugins in package.json through the NPM command. You can edit an. sh runtime script to run the official plugin version in package.json and import it into the system in the NPM environment. Need to run successfully locally before considering Docker’s image mounting.