Need help in setting up metafresh on docker

I am new to metasfresh. I have installed the docker successfully and cloned the docker compose file.

I am in the 2nd step and need some help setting the the docker host and editing the docker compose.yml file as per your instructions. How do i edit this file and what externally available hostname i can put. I have it installed on my local PC,

Comment out and replace with an externally available hostname and port of the docker host.

vi ./metasfresh-docker/docker-compose.yml


Note: Port :8080 is only necessary if another port should be used as port 80.
See also: How do I change the WebUI ports for metasfresh-Docker?

It looks like while i was trying to edit the docker-compose.yml I accidentally deleted all the entries I had cloned. Now I cannot clone for the second time as the directory already exists. Need help to reverse the clone step and redo. then I need help to do the second step of install

Any help provided will be greatly appreciated,

The clone step simply creates a folder with the name of the repository in the directory you executed the command.
Just delete the created folder. I would highly recommend to be familiar with git, docker and docker-compose before setting up such a stack in production yourself.