Metasfresh login does not work for first login after installation

I was able to get beyond the problem I described in my first post but now have run into some peculiar behavior. I installed Metasfresh into a Docker container using the git clone onto our Ubuntu 22.04 server. I had to change the translated port to 8081 as port 80 & 8080 are already in use.
build: webui
- webapi:webapi
- “8081:80”
- “443:443”
I also made sure to match the environment setting for browser access
When I use a browser, doesn’t matter which browser & navigate to, the Metasfresh login screen appears, I enter the first time login information of metasfresh for the user & metasfresh for the password…there is only a thin green bar at the bottom, no OK or Login button but, clicking the bar or pressing enter causes the system to pause for up to 5 seconds, like it’s searching & then goes right back to a blank login.