Metasfresh and Artificial Intelligence - any integration, prospects?

Just wanted to know whether there are any discussions, ideas, expectations, proposals about Metasfresh and integration of Artificial Intelligence - whether in-build or third-party. One can imagine a lot of areas, where such efforts could be meaningful and rewarding:

  • analytics of customer data and customer basket data, identification of sales leads (clustering, ranking, etc.)
  • scheduling and planning, e.g. inventory, service tasks
  • lot of scheduling/planning can be done in MES (manufacturing execution system) if Metasfresh has one, there can go artificial vision, all the AI for quality inspection etc.

Accounting and transaction capturing is pretty basic business and the most important value will be created in AI services in the near future. Maybe Metasfresh can more move into this? Just wanted some guidance and ideas. Maybe I can participate, start low and slow, but still - start.