Just did a docker based install of Metasfresh but cannot login

I’m getting the login screen but java.lang.NullPointerException after I fill in the username and password fields.


hi Naresh

  1. webui or Java client ?
  2. metasfresh version?
  3. which user / pass did you try? (assume metasfresh/metasfresh)


Hi Norbert,

I guess that it was in haste what happened. I fixed it. Actually, I did a second time clean install for my webconf, so that I could start with a clean system, only that on the new VM install, the docker has post install ops for Linux and I forgot to do it. So last evening, I did another install with the post install done and everything works just perfectly. Its a clean install of the most recent metasfresh on the github.

I’m all set, sorry for the issue, which is a non issue if the docker is properly installed.


Thanks for the update.
Great to hear that it is solved! :slight_smile: