Java client problem menu tree


Anyone know why in my java client the tree does not appear to be able to locate my new item, or in which table the order can be placed, in the ad_menu table there is no ordering or it is recursive to see a parent to which it is assigned.

Thanks for your time.

There is a window for administration in the java client (Tree Maintenance), where you can edit the order of the menu.


If the problem persists or the Menu option is not listed, in the database the ad_treenodemm table can be used where the node_id field is the identifier of the menu (ad_menu_id), the parent_id field is the identifier of the menu (ad_menu_id) which will be the father and the seqno field is the order in which they will be listed.

select * from ad_treenodemm where parent_id=1000072 order by seqno;

lista el menú