Jasper Report with .jpg image

I would like to include a .jpg image in one of our Jasper Reports.
I did include the file in a separate folder and drag and droped it into the report. The link to the image is correct.
If I try to preview the report, I get the following error message:

Byte Date not found at: “path”/filename.jpg

if I check, the file is at the stated path. I can also compile the report without any error messages.

Any clue how to solve that?

Many thanks


I quickly tried to drag and drop a file and i got some compile errors. The path was using “” which i changed with “/” and then it worked and i could compile. But Metasfresh is using a path so it’s probably adding it before the path given by jasper.

For example, for Logo we have set the following path “de/metas/generics/logo.png”. The file can be found in […]jasperreports/de/metas/generics/logo.png.

Please make sure your .jpg file is somewhere under […]jasperreports/de/metas/ and add the path like in the example above “de/metas/…jpg”.

I hope it will work. If not, i’ll think about other solution.

Best regards,

many thanks, that helped. When I drap and droped the image which gave the path “jasperreports/de/metas/generics/signature.jpg”. Deleting “jasperreports” frmo the path solved the problem.

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