Is possibile to assign different barcodes to a product?

Hi there,

in store grocery unfortunately it’s quite common to have different barcodes associated to the same product …is possible to do in metas?

As an example, EAN13 for Coke Light 33 x 6:

so barcodes should be in a table, with primary key the barcode, and linked to the product.

Any hint, thx

hi Joe,

out of the box: you have one EAN field on product level (CU-EAN) and for each partner you can define another EAN for one product.

Your case is only covered by that if those EANs are per Partner. If not there would be customizing needed.

You could add more EAN Fields via the Java Client Backend without coding.


forgot one thing:
there is also the option to assign EANs to the TU (Transport Unit) as metasfresh deals with products including their logistics:
You can assign one product (CU) to as many TUs as you want and those TUs also can have EANs.

thanks for the quick answer …i definitely need to dive deeply into metasfresh

Is possible to find all this in docs? books? tutorial?


we are constantly adding documentation but especially the topic of handling units and attributes is deep and powerful.
currently you will get a start but not the level of depth you will need.

Best approach is to check the cases we configured in the default database and study the processes.
Also you can get help from a partner or book a webinar (“How to set up metasfresh”