Installing MetaFresh on AWS Ubuntu instance

new user here. Has anyone installed MetaFresh on an AWS instance? I’ve been looking for the lowest-cost hosting solution for my ERP while my company is in start-up stage. Amazon’s Free Tier package looks to be a good package while my use of the ERP will be low. I can move up to VPS Ubuntu solution when the business is getting near to having products ready to sell.

Vielen danke


we tried AWS once and it was much more expensive than going with dedicated server hosting.#

Please bare in mind that metasfresh is a heavy application with a backend that needs RAM and disk IO.

So I doubt there is something like a “cheap” solution to this anyway.


Thanks for the reply, yes the AWS sales team sent me a high quote for running the app. My lowest cost solution was to buy an older Macbook and run Ubuntu dual-boot, this will run Metafresh, and I can install and compare other open-source ERP/MRP apps.