Installation in ubuntu16.04 LTS

I am trying to install metrasfresh to newly installed ubuntu 16.04 Desktop LTS. What is the problem with my installation? Here is the screenshot of my Command Line.

I try also to install ubuntu server 16.04 and follow this link ( but they just the same output.

Thank you in advance and hoping for your positive response.

to install metasfresh on Ubuntu, please refer to

Once installed, you can then update later, according to


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Hello sir. Thank you for your response. But what are the prerequisites language, libraries, scripts or database need to install before the metasfresh installations.

Hi @wrines05 ,

there are no prerequisites to install metasfresh-server on a fresh installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS x64
Just follow the installation instructions @metas-ts linked and you should be good to go, since all dependencies will be installed for you, as well as the database ( .

If you’re interested in the architecture in general, you can find the documentation here:


@wrines05 regarding also your screenshot:

keep also in mind when you installed metasfresh and want to perform an update, you will need to perform the update as user metasfresh.
This user will automatically be installed once you have installed the metasfresh server.

Hi … on performing an update, what’ll be the password for metasfresh? You said the user will automatically be installed. Would like to know the user login details so i can update

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Hi @powerblaze

There is no password for the user metasfresh.
For security-reasons, the user will be created with the flag --disabled-password so no one can easily login via ssh and PasswordAuthentication no not set.

You will need sudo/root permissions in order to switch to that user.
Then, you can switch to the user metasfresh by using following command:
su - metasfresh
sudo su - metasfresh

check out for more variations of that :slight_smile:

Das Updateszenario hat noch nie geklappt, jedenfalls in den letzten 2 Jahren nie!.. Update wie auf der Homepage beschrieben (Fehler fängt an mit in der URL) scheitert an der Eingabe beim Ausführen von ./

Aber egal … Docker geht xD

Hello Julian,
unfortunately following the instruction on fresh ubuntu 16.04 fails server does not start.
After investigation database is not populated.

manual import fails to when executing
pg_restore -Fc -j 2 -d metasfresh /tmp/metasfresh_latest.pgdump
error : pg_restore: [archiver] unsupported version (1.13) in file header

pg_restore --version
pg_restore (PostgreSQL) 9.5.6

after investigation this is a problem with many postgres version including fresh one downloaded by the metasfresh installation script.

I managed to get plain text sql from the seed ( I think it is messy work that i’ve done)

now both processes metasfresh_server.service and metasfresh-webui-api are running

can access ERP Home Page http//someserver:8080
but cannot access login page at http//someserver (blank page, is this normal ?)

Using swing client works well with direct connection to database but not with the application server.

I think my installation is messy

could you please advice if i should use another ubunto version ?
could you please advice on resolving the posgres problem or may be how to get a database seed in plain sql (mine is probably full of errors )

Thank you very much

Hi @rachid

It looks like the postgres version you’re using is out of date.
Updating to the latest Postgres 9.5 version should do the trick for restoring the database (latest version should be 9.5.12).

I double checked, using the latest Ubuntu 16.04 Server Edition found here:

And after installing and immediately installing metasfresh, the latest PostgreSQL version has been installed (inlcuding latest pg_restore version):

test@metasfresh:~/metasfresh_install/$ pg_restore --version
pg_restore (PostgreSQL) 9.5.12

Are you sure, it was a clean installation of the latest Ubuntu 16.04 Server Edition? Maybe you previously installed an older PostgreSQL Server on there?
In that case, maybe try to perform a full-upgrade on your server before installing metasfresh:

sudo apt update && sudo apt -y full-upgrade && sudo apt -y autoremove

Thank you Julian, I updated as you said, it works fine by now.
Thank you very much