Installation error

I am receiving an error when trying to connect to the database. I can ping from my Windows client to the IP address of the cloud server on which I installed Metasfresh.
See attached screenshot of the error.

Does anybody has an idea on how to solve this?

Thank you.

Hi @from

Using the Java application, a hostname is required instead of an IP address (basically, there are not . allowed in the fields where you define the application- and database-hostname).
This can be solved by eg. adding the hostname of your server (the actual hostname that is being displayed, when you enter hostname on your server) to your hosts file on Windows or by using an internal DNS-Server.

Also be sure you can access these ports from your client to your server:
5432/TCP - for the database connection
8282/TCP - for the application
61616/TCP - for the application as well

Also as heads up, I would not recommend using the Java client if your server is located in a remote datacenter.
The connection using JDBC is not optimized for latencies which are not LAN. You CAN use it - but you might get timeouts or random disconnects or at least a veeery slow response time from the application, which does not reflect the performance of metasfresh at all.

Hello Julian,

Thank you for your reply!
I have checked the ports and hostname and they are all correct (See attached)

I can connect to the application server but using the test database button is not working.
I however can connect to the metasfresh database and see all the tables using Valentina studio.

I hope you can still provide a solution so I can start testing metasfresh.

Thank you

Hello Guys,

I have a similar error.
I am trying to install java client on my windows system. There is no problem in establishing connection with server but when i try to connect to database, I get an error. Please refer to the screen shot attached.

I will really appreciate if somebody could help me with this.

database_connection_error.PNG1761×696 332 KB


Hi @rajan_jain

It looks like you’re using the docker installation for running the metasfresh server side.

Please note if not already done, you will also need to port-bind 5432 from the db-container to your dockerhost.

The main issue for connecting via Java client are these:

  • you will need to avoid clicking that “Test Application Server” Button so it won’t autofill the Database fields
  • remove the Hostname for Application Host
  • remove Application Port (61616)
  • manually (!) enter following fields to Database entries (note if you mistakenly hit the “Test Application Server Button” the fields are greyed out and can’t be modified. so don’t click the button):
    • Database-Host: -> Hostname of your dockerhost/server
    • Database-Port: -> “5432” (or whatever Port you docker-port-bound to your dockerhost)
    • Database Name: -> “metasfresh”
    • User/Password: -> “metasfresh”/“metasfresh”
  • Do NOT click the “Test Database” Button
  • Just click on the “Checkmark” Button on lower right hand side of the window
  • Connect with your User and Password

Please note:

  • using the swing client is deprecated and nowadays only used for developing purposes - for normal production usage, please use the WebUI
  • you won’t benefit from Notifications and other Application-Server related features since you don’t connect to the application server at all

You still might get errors when connecting to the server. This is due to the fact that the Java Client can’t handle “.” (dots) in hostnames very well.
You might want to add a new hosts entry in your windows config to keep the hostname simple (eg: myserver instead of or change your DNS accordingly.

Hi Julian,

Thanks a lot for your quick response, I am now able to connect. I am past that error but now I am encountering different error. After authorising userID and password. And clicking the check button on Default tab I encounter the error. Please refer my screenshots.
Please let me know if you have any idea about this error.