Installation - blank screen - URL is setup correctly

I have installed through Docker on ubuntu 18, and got no errors. But when I access the url, I get a blank screen. I have searched the forum and taken its advice, but I cannot figure out what is wrong:

  1. completed the installation as per the guidance on the installation docs. Here is my yml file:

  2. I added my URL to the webui/sources/configs/config.js file:
    const config = {
    API_URL: ‘’,
    WS_URL: ‘

  3. I have checked that the port is open and it says 600/containerd :::80 :::* LISTEN:

  4. I have installed Portainer and verified that there are 6 metafresh containers are up:

  5. The White Page post that talks about the bug - my url is http and not https, so that should not be a problem.

But after all that, when I go to the URL, I get a blank screen. What am I doing wrong or what should I do? Thanks in advance for the assistance!

Me too

I use htop

ans see

`java .......heap-dumps.....OutOfMemoryError`