How to select issue (from existing github issues) for trying out development (so much issues with commits, no assignee)?


I am trying to start development on some issues, but as I am skiming through the metasfresh github issues (I guess, it is similar for other metasfresh repositories as well) I see that there are so much issues without assignees, but when looking deeper - those issues (even the most recent ones) are with commits already.

So - I don’t know which issue to select?

Are there guidelines to select them?

I would be happy for suggestion of 4 issues (2 from metasfresh and 2 from metasfresh-webui) - 1 issue which requires little work (some hours or days) and 1 issue which requires some week. But currently those issues should not be blocking or urgent, because I am just starting or and I am not fully on control over my time.

Thx, Alex

hi Alex,

in which part of the multi service stack do you want to solve issues?


PS: Great you wanna help!

It would be ideal for me to select one domain of business (e.g. loan issuing and management, management of media campaigns (media buying with automated ad planning), specific manufacturing management, HR modules for new forms of employment, taxi/food delivery processes - just name a few I have seen in my life as developer) and then I can implement it from bottom (DB) to the top (Java entities, REST API and React UI pages). In such a way I can learn, during the course, complete architecture of the project. As a developer I have always worked in such full stack manner, though, I have used mostly different technologies - but the path was the same - from DB up to GUI.

The only problem is - that I don’t know which domain to select and what are the more or less exact requirements (ideas from others). Maybe there are ideas floating around in the community that it would be beneficial to cover some business domain, but there is always lack or resources so those ideas are delayed and delayed. Now I can take up such domain and at least try to implement.

I am very unaided, so, I would be happy for direction and everying other I can do myself.

I am mostly doing this for my CV. I have worked almost all my life as Delphi/SQL developer and I have always longed to work with Java/JavasScriptSPA/Web and I have some pet projects but I would be happy to get industrial experience. That is my motivation.

Well, maybe I can select HR&Payroll? It seems to me (looking on that Metas does not have anything of it. Adempiere has, EBS has and from my experience any other ERP systems has HR&Payroll too.

And what about country specific tax reports and statistics reports (human resource, movement of goods etc.)? I know that many countries have country specific reporting requirements which should be fulfilled by submitting reports in XML and maybe some other formats. Maybe that is the aread which I can take?