Greetings from newbie

Hello, im new here and looking for anyone to help me
Im appointed to an erp project from my office and starting to search for an open source ERP out there and i found this.
the thing is my knowlegde on erp is not deep enough and english is not my main lang.
so i wanted to ask if i use metasfresh, am i have a permission or maybe access to customize it ?
and change the UI or appearance like my office would like to ? or add any table or database ?
im sorry if i missing anything on the documentation or guide.
please enlighten me. thank you

So what I’m reading right now seems to me as if you generally don’t have much knowledge about such a project.

Simply adapting something is difficult if you do not have the necessary knowledge of using database and Java as a programming language.

The first question is what kind of knowledge do you have and what you are looking for.

If you just want to write a few bills, Metasfresh is like shooting sparrows with cannons.

So first questions:
What knowledge do you have, what do you work in the office?

Second question:
What do you look for or need?

Hi @CSaeum thank you for answering me :slight_smile:
So i work in a IT department in the restaurant business . I have knowledge in php sql javascript, mybe some framework of it but not too deep .

The office already had developed their own erp kinda thing to handle their business from the previous IT team but it has some error here and there and they’ve been thinking and trying to build another erp from zero, and im searching on the internet that some erp is an open-sourced. And im thinking that might be easier to use or develop an open-sourced erp than build it from the scratch, but i never developed or dunno how much i can costumize from an open-sourced erp like metasfresh.

Basically you have chosen an ERP system that is far ahead of the functions etc. and can therefore do a lot.

About production planning, route planning, etc.

I would recommend you first stake out what you need and then look where there is overlap and where it is missing.

Since you know little about the Java environment, as I do, you will need a consultant and developer.

I also tend to come from the LAMP stack and have to get a lot of knowledge here, etc.
But I already know where I want to go from my previous projects, I already know some ERP systems.

Since you come from the restaurant, I would say you need POS (cash registers or palmtop) etc.