Getting This Puppy Up and Running

I just left a career in tech to help keep my in-laws’ lumber business in the family. While my eventual plan is to be paying support fees and letting someone else manage the migration, implementation, and training, and to have either an onsite server or some sort of local/cloud hybrid setup, for now I’m just trying to install on a headless Ubuntu install running in Virtualbox.

But the daemons don’t start at boot. I can manually start metasfresh_server.service and metasfresh-webui-api.service, but not metasfresh-material-dispo.service.

And even when I do start things manually, metasfresh_server.service goes belly up after a while (I haven’t figured out how long yet).

Postgres appears to be fine, I didn’t get any errors running the install script. When I fire up the server, I see all of the launch stuff fly by, and this at the end of my /opt/metasfresh/log/metasfresh.2020-12-21.log:

2020-12-21 09:15:02.300  INFO 8780 --- [main] de.metas.ServerBoot                      : Metasfresh Server started in 2.425 min is just a blank screen though.

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There will be no help from the Metasfresh community. Think about that - if you are customer then there is no problem to pay. If you are going to be the developer then successful ignition of the project by yourself will prove your worth.

So - I am trying my best and hope that there can be some outside community as well.

hi @craigbass76
we recommend to use the docker setup and follow this instructions.

Your problem indicates that config.js might not be setup properly.

If you search in this forum you will find your are not the only one and there are numerous describing how to solve it.

Here some ideas where to start:

Hope that helps.


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