Does React web forms are generated automatically from the registered Java model classes?

I am reading the code in the frontend directory and the documentation - do I understand correctly that the separate forms for the business entities (e.g. like invoice, like bill) and for the list of business entities (e.g. like list of invoices, list of bills) are not created and maintainted as distinct React files but they are generated on the fly? That is why I can not find React files for invoice, for bill etc.?

Where this auto-generation system is located, in which source file?

Is this generation system really so smart? Maybe customers sometimes ask for distinct, customized forms that should be manually created and maintainted? Where are they located? Or maybe such customizations are also stored just as data and not as React code and maybe React forms are still generated from those customizations?

Is some documentation page decribes it then link is sufficient for answer.


OK, I found - i.e. it is really so - Window.js looks into the configuration data and composes the final screen from the components automatically indeed.

So, quite a lot of information is provided in the components.

I just wonder - aren’t there cases when the users ask very especific, very complex forms? E.g. I have programmed in my life complex schedulers, planners, complex forms that import the data and processes them and align them with the data in the database and so on. And what about pivot forms, data warehousing, etc.? If application is just data-in-data-out then all the forms can be built in uniform way, but if users require complex processing then there should be custom forms.

E.g. I have seen in other applications graphical builders that builds the payrol calculation schemes (salary, additional compensations and benefits, different taxes and deductions, etc.). But there is no single custom form in frontend.