Docker install on Mac - partial success, but how to access Metafresh?

Hi MetaFresh team,
Thank you for your install advice on the Chat. I followed the Docker install instructions and reached this stage:

  1. Clone the Docker Compose file and change to the newly created directory.
git clone
cd metasfresh-docker/

(after updating some Mac plugins, the Terminal window displayed all the code shown in the documentation window below this heading:
Example docker-compose.yml
the final line was this:

  •    - "ES_JAVA_OPTS=-Xms128M -Xmx256m"*

I then tried step 2.
Comment and replace the line with a host name and port that can be reached externally from the browser.

I pasted this text into my terminal window… vi ./docker-compose.yml

The result was ‘no such file or directory’. I think the MacOS install of Docker, already includes the docker-compose module. I had Docker running while following the install instructions.

The instructions from that point on are very difficult to understand, I’m not sure if I should be editing ports (where and how on a Mac?), how would I know if port 80 is unsuitable or already in use?

I searched for more documentation/instructions - the only thing I found was instruction to type in https://myserver:8080 - does that mean I literally type ‘myserver’ or would I type in a name of a server I have created? If so how do I create and name a server/url on my Local MacOS?

The instructions are very unclear and assumes I already know some information that isn’t detailed in the how-to. Are there any more detailed steps on how to install on MacOS, ideally with copy-paste strings for Terminal? If a placeholder url or server address is being referred to, can you make it clear that this is "foo’ and ‘bar’ or is it the precise keystrokes I should be typing?