Docker GUI recommendation

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although docker can be controlled completely by the command line with the “docker” and “docker-compose” commands, it can be useful for docker newbies (like me) to visualize the docker environment on the host machine.

portainer itself comes as a docker image. They say it is “The easiest way to manage Docker”…

Once it is started, it runs on port 9000 and you can use it in your browser.

You can view your containers, images, volumes, networks and more. Very cool is that you can get a console to a running image in your browser. In addition, there is a view of the logs for a running image.

Furthermore you can visualize consumption of CPU, memory and network usages.

Present all features of that great tool here, goes to far… best to just try it out.

I have a alpha version on my ubuntu dev laptop and i still use it.

But it seems that they now don’t have support for linux anymore. Furthermore it seems that it is now merged into a new product called docker toolbox (

As they don’t support linux, i don’t recommend that anymore :slight_smile: Everything you can do in kitematic, you also can do with portainer (and much more).

I leave this recommendation here, as it could be interesting for mac and windows users.

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Hi David,

very nice. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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My docker interface ask me where is the hub containing the metafresh docker image.
It should be like:

Any suggetsions?

Hi @Max_V

we’re pushing all required docker images to dockerhub:

I don’t know about your specific setup but I guess it’s