Declarative partitioning in PostgreSQL 10
This can be very useful for handling big tables, for data lifycycle management (purging obsolete data, moving historical data to cheaper storage, disk load balancing, etc). As PostgreSQL 10 is coming in 2017 Q3, can be nice to discuss which tables should be partitioned and by what keys.

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Another excellent usage for efficient declarative partitioning are multi-tenant and/or multi-org ERPs like metasfresh, as you can partition tables & indices by tenant or organization unit and achieve an order of magnitude better performance in anything accessing big sets of data by org unit, like reporting, batch processing and ad-hoc queries where org_id=x.

hi @rade
that is a useful hint!
Just today I had a talk with an old ADempiere friend about how to rollback a single tenant on a live system without touching the other.