Database & SQL expert

I have 30 years of Oracle database SQL, PL/SQL and performance tuning experience and 10 years of Oracle e-Business Suite ERP customization and tuning. My hobby is exploring PostgreSQL, Java and Adempiere.
I would love to practice my PostgreSQL tuning and complex SQL coding skills on this metasfresh, so any related development tasks, questions, assistance requests or problem assignments are welcome. I will try to respond every day!
Rade Pobulic.

Hello Rade,

welcome to the metasfresh Community!

As we already chatted on gitter and also had a talk I took the chance to talk with tobi about possible issues where your special expertise might come in handy.
What we need to have the possibility for serious SQL tuning is a database seed with massive data in it.
In Order to achieve that we need a way to anonymize and shred the data of a productive database in a reliable and secure way.

If you want you could join that effort to have a script shredding all data which is not supposed to be public.

We thought about having a new checkbox on column level that a PGSQLfunction could use to shredd the data in that columns.

Then we could have a database server having a live DB but without any customer data.

cheers and happy easter,

Opened new topic for Data Masking