Converting metasfresh to use .NET Core


I am trying to see how can I convert metasfresh to use .net core instead of Java. Is there any starting point from where I can start to converting the code to .net based technologies.

Thank you

Hi @Pranay_DevOps,
i think the best points to start are

There you will find the main methods for the app service which does the backend work (e.g. accounting) and the webui-api which serves the javas-script frontend.

Happy coding

PS: if you also want to convert the JS-frontend to .NET, pls let us know. Maybe our frontend-devs can give you the starting points for that as well.

This is great!!! Thank you very much @metas-ts :slight_smile:

I was also looking for database structure project and as you have already got it, JS-frontend project too.

I am really excited!!