Why web-ui projects (web-ui and web-ui-api) has been renamed to legacy projects? Will there be new web projce?

I see that web-ui/web-ui-api projects have been renamed into web-ui-legacy/web-ui-api-legacy projects. There are React SPA applications that are based on the most up-to-date technology. So - are they being deprecated? Why? Will some new web/web-api projects come in their place? Is there anyhing best beyond React? Vue.js? What is the timeline of changes? Are there any press release or discussions about this? What about future?

OK, I understand - the webui code is moved to the main project under the directory frontend. So, there is no need for separate repository.


we moved the code to the rep metasfresh/metasfresh in subfolders to consolidate our repositories.
You find the code there.