Hello everyone,

I try to prototype with Metasfresh and see if the product fits my needs.

Use case is about using rest-api in order to complete following actions (found one from metasfresh WEBAPI module) :

  • create a customer (first name, name, email… basic personnal informations).
  • add an appointment to this customer (agenda)
  • attach payment transaction to this customer (save amount, payment method, date…) (payment will be process by paypal)
  • customer can read it’s own informations and edit it
  • application send email to customer after payment is saved into metasfresh

I don’t need the front end from Metasfresh as there will be a cutsom one from my company.

What I did :

  • I started with metasfresh-docker project and I can run it successfully on ubuntu server.
  • I created a user manually and configured it with english langage.
  • I can access swagger-ui documentation from http://my-server:8080/swagger-ui.html
  • I can log in from login-rest-controller ->/rest/api/login/authenticate

What I don’t get is :

  • How can I perform CRUD operation on my customer
  • how can I perform CRUD operation on my customer’s agenda
  • how can I send email to my customer on specific actions (payment saved)

Technical issues :

  • can’t find swagger documentation
  • can’t find payload classes from swagger-ui, for example can’t find from github repository (
  • can’t find source code for controllers I need

Would be very nice to point me in the good direction for those issues !

Thx you

hi @xanyook,
I recently tried to access the REST Api and started with trying to access Swagger-ui. But for some reason I cannot get m finger on, I keep on getting 404 pages only when trying to access it. I started a new topic here where I lay out the details of my issue.

I am using the newst version of metasfresh, so I guess it’s not perfectly comparable to ther version you used a while ago, but would you be willing to share your general setup steps on what you did to be able to access the swagger ui or share some hints and ideas, what might be the root of the issues?