Password for user IT is incorrect in documentation

Hello everyone,

I finally managed by following the documentation to get my instance of metasfresh running. I see on my browser the login screen, and I can enter via the user metasfresh, but due to it lacking permissions, I would like to enter via user “it” using as PW demostart … I used ctrl c+v, typed it word for word and because it is case sensitive even tried different versions of DemoStarT… still, I cant get in. what am I doing wrong?

I am following this doc.

hi Freddy,

if you could log in with user metasfresh then you can also create a new user as well (
but the question here is what permissions are you missing that you want to get via the user “it” ?

In general the permissions are determined by the role a user has. metasfresh has role “webUI” which is a kind of a functional admin role.


I also use the user it instead of metasfresh since for the latter i cannot change the UI language.

Ref: Switch to english language