Not able to login

I followed the below article to setup metasfresh locally,

Not able to login. Also do we need to run the after_import.sql before logging in. If yes could someone from the metasfresh team please provide it to me.


if you got database access you can set the password using:

update ad_user set password='yourpassword' where ad_user_id =100;

Does that work for you?

Hey @athreya,

i ran into the same issue when setting up the environment on my end. Turns out i just skipped over the last step in the guide (Run configuration Run SQL Migration).

The Run configuration Run SQL Migration has nothing to do with the after_import.sql it should already be an option in your IDE (see image below)

If those scripts are applied you should be able to log in.

If you cant apply the scripts i would also check the db connection.
psql -p 5432 -d metasfresh -U metasfresh -h localhost with the password metasfresh should connect you to it. If that doesnt work you might already have another local db running on port 5432 from another Postgres instalation which might conflict with the port mapping of the docker instance.

Hey @arljba,

The challenge am experiencing is somhow related though am using eclipse.

Am using the .launch miration script but the port number returned is null even after setting it in the file.

[INFO ] ScriptsApplier - Migrating SQLDatabase [dbType=postgresql, dbHostname=localhost, dbPort=null, dbName=metasfresh, dbUser=metasfresh, dbPassword= **** ] using ScriptScannerProviderWrapper [scriptScanner=GloballyOrderedScannerDecorator{WorkspaceScriptScanner{workspaceDir=C:\Users\Walton\eclipse-workspace\Metafresh, supportedFileExtensions=[sql]}}]

This causes the below error

Exception in thread “main” java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to get a JDBC connection. Please check your config for : SQLDatabase [dbType=postgresql, dbHostname=localhost, dbPort=null, dbName=metasfresh, dbUser=metasfresh, dbPassword= **** ]