How to add values e.g. to the Referenz "M_Product_ProductType" for the field "Produktart"

Hello Norbert,
how is it possible to add values e.g. to the referenzkey “M_Product_ProductType” for the listfield “Produktart” by the java swing GUI or better by database insert? And how can I create a new referenzkey for a new listfield?

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Hi @matze32,

That’s not recommended because even if the M_Product_ProductType is a list like any other list, each of those items has special meaning in java code and the product is handled differently based on those types.
For example, a product of type Service does not need to be received and in accounting, it will be booked directly on expense instead of increasing the product asset account.

If you want to categorize your products, you can use the product category.
Or if you want to go deeper in customization (but really depends on your actual needs) you can introduce a new field.

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Hi @teosarca
I understand, but how can I, for example, change the list for the “Statistics group” field for the product? Does this work via the database and can I change it via the Swing Client?

And is there a documentation to create a completely new field with values as a list?

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