Eclipse workspace changes

we added another project:

  • metasfresh-datev

It’s located in metasfresh/de.metas.datev
Be sure to add it to your workspace

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Renamed project de.metas.vertical.pharma.vendor.gateway.mvs3 to de.metas.vertical.pharma.vendor.gateway.msv3.
Please delete and reimport it to your workspace.


We added a rudimentory rest API to be able to take orders…plase make soure to have these new projects imported:



  • de.metas.vertical.pharma.mvs3.commons

  • de.metas.vertical.pharma.mvs3.server

FYI, we added more projects:

  • de.metas.salescandidate.base
  • de.metas.vertical.pharma.msv3.server-peer
  • de.metas.vertical.pharma.msv3.server-peer-metasfresh
  • de.metas.util.web

FYI, made further changes to the projects; please sync your eclipse workspace:

we added

  • marketing-base (
  • marketing-cleverreach (
  • de.metas.shipper.gateway.commons
  • de.metas.shipper.gateway.derkurier

also, we renamed

  • de.metas.shipper.gateway.api to de.metas.shipper.gateway.spi


Added marketing-serialletter project.

Best regards,

FYI, we added another project:

FYI, we added another 2 projects

  • metasfresh-pharma.msv3.schema.v1
  • metasfresh-pharma.msv3.schema.v2

FYI, we added de.metas.inbound.mail project.

We added the following projects:


  • de.metas.invoice_gateway.api
  • de.metas.invoice_gateway.spi


  • forum_datenaustausch_ch.invoice_440_request
  • forum_datenaustausch_ch.invoice_440_response
  • forum_datenaustausch_ch.invoice_450_request
  • forum_datenaustausch_ch.invoice_450_response
  • forum_datenaustausch_ch.invoice_base
  • forum_datenaustausch_ch.invoice_commons
  • forum_datenaustausch_ch.invoice_rest-api
  • forum_datenaustausch_ch.invoice_xversion

We added the following projects:


  • de.metas.dunning_gateway.api
  • de.metas.dunning_gateway.spi

We did some work around a (business-partner-)REST-API.

In that process, we removed the following projects

  • metasfresh/
  • metasfresh/
  • metasfresh/
  • metasfresh/

We added

  • metasfresh/

We just introduced another project:

  • de.metas.payment.paypal

Be sure to add it to your workspace.

We introduced two more projects:

  • de.metas.shipper.gateway.dpd

Be sure to add 'em to your workspace.

We introduced:

  • de.metas.payment.sepa.base
  • de.metas.payment.sepa.schema.* projects
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We addressed a problem of having multiple and in the classpath and reorganized a bit.
To the following should help you to catch up with your IDE:

The project

  • report-service (metasfresh/
    is gone and needs to be removed from the workspace

Instead we now have the projects

  • metasfresh-report-service
  • metasfresh-report-service-standalone
    that need to be imported. Particularly metasfresh-report-service is required.

The projects

  • metasfresh-material-dispo-service (metasfresh\de.metas.material\dispo-service)
  • (mf_master\metasfresh\
    have no more src/main/resources, which had in my case to be removed from eclipse manually

We introduced

  • de.metas.serviceprovider
  • de.metas.issue.tracking.github
  • de.metas.issue.tracking.everhour

Hi y’all,
we mono-repo’de the following repos all into :

  • metasfresh-webui-api
  • metasfresh-dist
  • metasfresh-procurement-webui
  • metasfresh-webui-frontend (javascript - probably not relevant within eclipse)
  • metasfresh-parent
  • metasfresh-admin
  • metasfresh-edi
  • metasfresh-e2e

As a typical eclipse-user you will probably want to create a new eclipse-workspace and import

  • misc/parent-pom
  • backend

Best regards

We extracted some code from backend and moved it to misc/de-metas-common.
that change is now in master, be sure to update your workspaces.