Eclipse workspace changes



hi guys,

We just introduced a new project called “de.metas.vertical.pharma” (in metasfresh repository).
At the moment it just introduces some new fields in BPartner but in future will contain all the features which are related to pharmaceutical industry.

The project is a dependency of metasfresh-dist and metasfresh-webui-api projects.

Best regards,


…so if you follow the common eclipse workspace setup, please be sure to add it to your workspace

Best regards


we kicked out the subproject metasfresh-material-dispo-service which was located in metasfresh/de.metas.material/dispo-service.
That change is effective in the master branch


Hi guys,

We are introducing 2 more projects:

  • de.metas.shipper.gateway.api - a generic API for shipper gateway integrations that will come
  • de.metas.shipper.gateway.go - GO! (General Overnight) integration
    At the moment the projects are in prototyping/heavy development phase.

Be sure to add them to your workspace.

Best regards,


we added two more projects

  • de.metas.vendor.gateway.api
  • de.metas.vertical.pharma.vendor.gateway.mvs3

Be sure to add them to your workspace.


we did a little cleanup.
Further infos are here:

Koexistenz mit DATEV

we added another project:

  • metasfresh-datev

It’s located in metasfresh/de.metas.datev
Be sure to add it to your workspace


Renamed project de.metas.vertical.pharma.vendor.gateway.mvs3 to de.metas.vertical.pharma.vendor.gateway.msv3.
Please delete and reimport it to your workspace.



We added a rudimentory rest API to be able to take orders…plase make soure to have these new projects imported:



  • de.metas.vertical.pharma.mvs3.commons

  • de.metas.vertical.pharma.mvs3.server


FYI, we added more projects:

  • de.metas.salescandidate.base
  • de.metas.vertical.pharma.msv3.server-peer
  • de.metas.vertical.pharma.msv3.server-peer-metasfresh
  • de.metas.util.web


FYI, made further changes to the projects; please sync your eclipse workspace:

we added

  • marketing-base (
  • marketing-cleverreach (
  • de.metas.shipper.gateway.commons
  • de.metas.shipper.gateway.derkurier

also, we renamed

  • de.metas.shipper.gateway.api to de.metas.shipper.gateway.spi



Added marketing-serialletter project.

Best regards,


FYI, we added another project:


FYI, we added another 2 projects

  • metasfresh-pharma.msv3.schema.v1
  • metasfresh-pharma.msv3.schema.v2


FYI, we added de.metas.inbound.mail project.


We added the following projects:


  • de.metas.invoice_gateway.api
  • de.metas.invoice_gateway.spi


  • forum_datenaustausch_ch.invoice_440_request
  • forum_datenaustausch_ch.invoice_440_response
  • forum_datenaustausch_ch.invoice_450_request
  • forum_datenaustausch_ch.invoice_450_response
  • forum_datenaustausch_ch.invoice_base
  • forum_datenaustausch_ch.invoice_commons
  • forum_datenaustausch_ch.invoice_rest-api
  • forum_datenaustausch_ch.invoice_xversion


We added the following projects:


  • de.metas.dunning_gateway.api
  • de.metas.dunning_gateway.spi


We did some work around a (business-partner-)REST-API.

In that process, we removed the following projects

  • metasfresh/
  • metasfresh/
  • metasfresh/
  • metasfresh/

We added

  • metasfresh/


We just introduced another project:

  • de.metas.payment.paypal

Be sure to add it to your workspace.


We introduced two more projects:

  • de.metas.shipper.gateway.dpd

Be sure to add 'em to your workspace.