Change settings for quantity of product in billing


I would be interested in changing this configuration that is shown in the image, that allows more than one digit in the decimals but I cannot find the place to ask you if you can give me a guide to find it I would be very grateful to you.

Thanks for your time.


usually you can configure the number of decimals on UOM (unit of measurement) or on the price list.
In this case you are entering a qty so I would check the field precision on the UOM of the product.



In the UOM I have configured a precision of 3 and in the accounting precision 6, and in my price list it went up to 3 but these do not refer to the quantity and I continue with that same control, perhaps they know how to create a quick imput as for based in that search and to be able to modify it, look in the table and in the assigned porces of the table parent of the son of the products but I cannot find where it is created.

Or how can I hide that Batch Entry button because in the add new it does not have that control and allows me to add the product.

Thank you very much for your time.