Architeture and testing of metasfresh

hello metasfresh
I am an academic lecturer
I have many questions about your ERP system. I need your answers for search
i want to compare between metasfresh and odoo and openbravo based on their different architecture
can you help me please
1- Is your ERP build based on microservices architectures?
2- can you send bookcharm test for your ERP?

3- the architecture that is published on your site is SOA not microservices, while release 5.9 based on your blog is prepared for microservice, can you send metasfresh microservices architecture?

Hi @Aman_Slamaa

  1. & 3.: technically, metasfresh is a SOA - however, most people are not familiar with SOA but know of microservices. Even people who know what SOA is, use the terms “Microservices” and “SOA” interchangeably.

  2. : I am not familiar with the “bookcharm test” and a quick search in google only provided non relevant results. You may want to elaborate here and post some links.
    However, whatever test you want to perform, feel free to download the source code from here (metasfresh github) and you are able to perform any test you want.


Hi Julian
thank you for your response and your help,
i have some questions,
1- do you mean that all services of metasfresh on one container?
2- i read that release5.9 is developed to support microservices, and based on your answers metasfresh is SOA, thereby all previous version of metasfresh before 5.9 are monolithic?
3- based on your experience, what is the open source or close source ERP is microservices not SOA?
best regards